SIGdial Policy on Workshop Endorsement

Purpose of Endorsement

As the main purposes of SIGdial include to promote interest in dialogue processing and to provide members with an opportunity to meet and exchange news of recent research developments, SIGdial will endorse high-quality workshops in the area of discourse and dialogue processing that are deemed likely to further these purposes. Therefore, SIGdial welcomes applications from organizers of (prospective) workshops for SIGdial endorsement. This document outlines the process for application, as well as what SIGdial endorsement means, and expectations for endorsed workshops. 


Organizers of workshops who would like SIGdial endorsement must present an application to the SIGdial executive, giving sufficient information about the workshop for the executive to decide whether the workshop is likely to meet the relevance and quality concerns. This material must include at least the following information:

  1. Name of workshop
  2. Brief description
  3. Names of organizers/program committee
  4. Logistical details (number of participants, date and location, cost to participants, stand-alone or part of an existing workshop series). These may be approximate if not known at time of application.

This application may take the form of an included call for participation or other such document, as long as the above information is included.

Workshop proposals may be submitted for SIGdial endorsement while they are still in the prospective phase, especially if the organizers feel that such endorsement may help realize the proposal (e.g., by helping the organizers enlist needed support from other organizations). Such proposals should be clearly labeled as "prospective", and the workshop organizers should notify the SIGdial executive as soon as possible as to the final status of the workshop.

Presentation of the application should be to the President or other designated officer, as specified on the SIGdial Organization page, preferably by email. The designated officer will confirm receipt of application and present it to the SIGdial executive for consideration. Workshop organizers should allow at least two weeks from confirmation of receipt of the application for the SIGdial executive to decide on whether to endorse the workshop. In exceptional cases the decision may take longer. 

Endorsement Decisions

Decisions on endorsement of workshops will be made by the SIGdial executive, using the following criteria:

  1. Does the (prospective) workshop have purposes and content central to the SIGdial charter
  2. Is the workshop likely to be of sufficient quality to merit the attention of SIGdial members.
  3. Will the workshop be open (subject to general size limitations) to the SIGdial membership. Will there be some permanent archive (e.g., proceedings) of the workshop that will be available (perhaps for purchase) to SIGdial members who are not able to attend in person.

Meaning of Endorsement

SIGdial Endorsement constitutes a judgment by the executive about the suitability of the workshop for advancing the purposes of SIGdial. It does not constitute a legally binding contract (which would require approval of the ACL executive committee). Endorsement may be withdrawn at any time, if the SIGdial executive (or general membership, through the referendum process) later comes to believe that the workshop will not meet the key quality and relevance requirements outlined above.

Workshops approved for endorsement will be announced to the SIGdial membership and indicated on the SIGdial events web-page (either on approval, for actual workshops, or at the time of notification, mentioned above, for prospective workshops). 

Expectations of Endorsed Workshops

It is expected that endorsed workshops advertise for attendees to the complete SIGdial membership, through the SIGdial workshop calendar and mailing list. Attendance should furthermore be open to all SIGdial applicants unless there is clear evidence that over enrollment would compromise the purposes of the workshop. If admission is limited in any way, selection criteria for attendees should be clearly specified.

Following the event, the organizers should prepare a short (100 words to 2 pages) summary description of the event, for archival purposes. At a minimum, this should include updated information indicated above, in the proposal, but may also include other relevant information such as intended follow-up activities, perceived advances in the field as a result of this event, etc. The summary will be made publicly available from the SIGdial events page.

Also, SIGdial endorsements may be publicly advertised in advertisements of the workshop, itself. For on-line advertisements, it is also suggested that links to SIGdial web page be included. 


It is expected that workshop organizers make sure that a SIGdial endorsement does not conflict with any other requirement of official sponsors or institutional supporters of the workshop.