Instructions for Presenters

Instructions for Oral Session Presenters

Each oral presentation is allocated 25 minutes. Please limit your presentation to 20 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions. For Dialog State Tracking Challenge (DSTC) presentations the allocated time varies (see Schedule). DSTC presenters will be contacted through email about the exact time allocated for questions.

Instructions for Poster & Demo Session Presenters

Poster and Demo Madness Session
Each poster/demo will have an opportunity to give a one-minute plenary presentation to introduce/advertise the poster/demo during the "Poster and Demo Madness session". Please use PowerPoint or pdf format to prepare one slide for your one-minute presentation. Please do not use animation in your slide. To ensure a smooth transition between slides, we will collect slides from all presenters ahead of time. You will be contacted through email about the uploading instructions and the deadline for your slide submission.

Instructions for Poster Presenters
The conference will provide self-standing poster boards. The dimensions of posters should be no larger than 36'' x 48'' (landscape or portrait orientation will both work). Pushpins for mounting the posters will also be provided.

Instructions for Demo Presenters
The conference will provide wireless access, a table, three chairs, and one poster board (see dimensions above) for each demo. If you have any special requests please send an email to conference[at]

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