Instructions for Presenters

The instructions for the individual presentation types are given below. Should you have any special requests regarding your presentation, please email us at

Instructions for Oral Session Presenters

Oral presentations are 25 minutes in length including questions. Please limit your presentation to 20 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions.

Important note: all oral presentations will be made from the conference computers. Speakers must bring their presentation on a USB stick in either PPTX or PDF format, including all necessary audio and video files. Speakers must copy their talk to the conference computers during a break before their oral session, and test to make sure that their slides and any audio/video elements play correctly before their session begins.

In the NLG special session, there will also be two short talks that are 5 minutes in length with no questions.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

Poster presenters should prepare a poster that is size A0 (841 x 1,189 mm / 33.11 x 46.81 in) and in portrait orientation.

Pushpins for mounting the posters will be provided.

Please note that there will not be a poster madness session at SIGDIAL this year.

Instructions for Demo Presenters

Demo presenters will receive separate communication by email from the organizers.