Special Session

SIGdial 2015 hosts one “special session” that highlights papers on one specific topic. This year, the special session is MultiLing 2015: Multilingual Summarization of Multiple Documents, Online Fora and Call Centre Conversations. Check the MultiLing website for the Tentative Program.

Open Space Session

Furthermore, SIGdial 2015 sets aside one afternoon for an Open Space workshop (aka “unconference”). The goal of this event is to allow participants to discuss any topic related to discourse and dialogue that they are passionate about, in small groups of people who care about the same topic. Open Space events are self-organized: topics are proposed by participants, sessions are run by participants, and all the conference organizers do is facilitate the process.

The Open Space event will be structured as follows:

You can find more information on Open Space in general in its Wikipedia page and in the Open Space user’s guide. A brief video introduction is here.