» General Information

SIGdial is the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue. SIGdial is:

SIGdial runs an annual conference, SIGDIAL; an annual meeting of young researchers, YRRSDS; and sponsors other events.

Anyone is welcome to join.

Aim and Purposes of SIGdial

SIGdial aims to encourage researchers and educators to:

  • promote development and distribution of reusable discourse processing components;
  • explore techniques for evaluation of dialogue systems;
  • share resources and data among the international community;
  • encourage empirical methods in research;
  • agree upon standards for discourse transcription, segmentation, and annotation;
  • promote collaboration among developers of various dialogue system components;
  • support student participation in the discourse and dialogue community.

Functions and Activities of SIGdial

SIGdial performs and encourages the following functions and activities:

  • promotion and development of the field and avenues for publication;
  • provision and coordination of a library of discourse processing development tools, software, data, bibliographic references, publications, and links to related web pages;
  • facilitation of communication between researchers in this field;
  • provision of information about relevant research and resources; and,
  • development of standard corpora and interface formats for coordination of the organization of workshops and symposia liaison with other SIGs, funding organizations, etc.