For Presenters

Plenary talks each have a time slot of 20 minutes, including time for questions and speaker change-over (see the conference program here). This means that speakers should plan on talking for about 16 minutes.

While it will be possible to connect individual laptops to the projection system, we'd much prefer speakers to bring their presentations on USB sticks, or make them downloadable from the internet. That way, we can load them onto the conference room PC beforehand, help speed up speaker change-overs, and keep audio & video compatibility issues to a minimum. Either way, speakers should come and check everything's working as it should ten minutes before the start of their session.

The poster boards we are using are 1200x1800mm (portrait orientation), so posters should be made to fit that size.

For Authors

The program committee welcomes the submission of long papers for full plenary presentation, as well as short papers and demonstrations. Short papers and demo descriptions will be featured in short plenary presentations, followed by posters and demonstrations.

  • Long papers must be no longer than 8 pages, including title, examples, references, etc. In addition to this, two additional pages are allowed as an appendix which may include extended example discourses or dialogues, algorithms, graphical representations, etc.
  • Short papers and demo descriptions should be 4 pages or less (including title, examples, references, etc.).
  • The proceedings will be published in A4 format - this means you get a little MORE space than in the initial submissions. New style files are provided - follow the link below.

Please use the official ACL style files:

Papers that have been or will be submitted to other meetings or publications must provide this information (see submission format). SIGDIAL 2009 cannot accept for publication or presentation work that will be (or has been) published elsewhere. Any questions regarding submissions can be sent to the General Co-Chairs.

Authors are encouraged to make illustrative materials available, on the web or otherwise. For example, excerpts of recorded conversations, recordings of human-computer dialogues, interfaces to working systems, etc.

Copyright of the conference proceedings will be held by ACL.

NEW INITIATIVE: Best Paper Awards

In order to recognize significant advancements in dialog and discourse science and technology, SIGDIAL will recognize a best paper award and a best student paper award. A selection committee consisting of prominent researchers in the fields of interest will select the recipients of the awards.